• Uvac River Canyon

    There is nothing that would be more valuable to study than nature.

    Nikola Tesla, Scientist

  • Gamzigrad-Romuliana, Palace of Galerius

    The world is getting smaller as our desire to get to know it grows.

    Unknown author

  • Studenica Monastery

    I do not meet the world, but I only recognize it. I am not revealing it, but recalling it, as some distant memories of mine.

    Miroslav Mika Antić, Poet

  • Jadovnik Mountain, Village of Tičje Polje

    Sometimes it seems that roads and distances are fleeing under my feet. And whenever I get far, and stand in the middle of it and think: finally, here I am; if I raise my eyes, I see that every farthest has its further.
    Miroslav Mika Antić, Poet

  • Tičar Lake, Golija Mountain

    Take a rest! Here, where the juniper tree smells,
    Where the sky kisses these blue hills,
    Soft grass offers you a quiet bed,
    And a blue lake sleeps next to you.
    Aleksa Šantić, Poet

  • Zlatibor Mountain, Sirogojno Village

    ..we still greet sojourners with kisses,
    here feats are done for hospitality;
    here each man has
    a whole clan
    of friends and relatives.
    Desanka Maksimović, Poet

  • Belgrade

    Without a point to which you are attached, you would not like any other world, you would not have where to go, you would be nowhere.

    Meša Selimović, Writer

  • Stara Planina (Old Mountain)

    The world is like a book. Those who do not travel read only the first page.

    A traveller

  • Zapadna Morava (West Morava River)

    Nature never says one thing and wisdom another.

    Folk saying

  • Trumpet Festival in Guča

    It is strange how little it takes to be happy and even stranger how often we lack that little.

    Ivo Andrić, Nobel prize winner for literature

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Tourism is identified as a potential driver of economic growth as stated in the Tourism Strategy of the Republic of Serbia and under Serbia’s Multi Annual Indicative Programming Document (MIPD). Despite Serbia’s unique natural, archaeological and cultural assets (with eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites) and its pivotal location in SE Europe in transport terms, the tourism sector in Serbia is clearly underperforming. The international market still does not view Serbia as a major tourist destination. Serbia has the potential to win a much larger market share of both international and domestic tourists, but to reach that goal, Serbia needs to adapt to their expectations. The development of tourism will also help to ensure the development of positive international image of the country and to build closer relations with other EU countries.

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